Software Overview

You have a lot to offer your business, but you can’t do that if you’re stuck spending dozens of hours each week processing payroll, managing withholding responsibilities and keeping up with tax law changes. ePayroll Express offers total payroll, tax management and human resources integration, allowing small and large business owners freedom, unmatched efficiency and accuracy. With ePayroll Express, business owners can focus on what they do best: growing their company.

Easy, Accurate, Accessible Payroll Processing

The ePayroll Express payroll system was designed with you in mind. The easy-to-use employer self-service options allow you to control how involved you are in your company’s payroll process. But ePayroll Express knows you aren’t the only person in your business with the need to access payroll records—your employees may need to access their personal records as well. That’s why we offer employees a self-service portal designed to allow them to access paystubs, review their benefit status and get W-2 copies independently and on their schedule.

Save Money, Stay On Time

Missing IRS deadlines for quarterly reports may not seem like a big deal, but it can create fines and penalties that divert money that would be more effective if it were reinvested in your business. It’s easy for a hard-working business owner to forget to mail a form on time, but with ePayroll Express, you’ll never have to worry about a missed deadline again.

Software Details

Payroll and Tax Management

Your business is unique and you need a payroll service provider that not only understands this, but also provides the tools to support your individual needs. At ePayroll Express, our payroll system allows for a customizable set of codes for your specialized structure of earnings, deductions, benefits, paid time off, and more.

We offer additional customizable options, such as:

» Paperless payroll

» Print at location

» Delivery through Federal Express, UPS, and others

» Distribution to multiple locations

Federal, State and Local Tax Management

We have a tax engine that allows business owners to automate tax payments and deposits through EFTPS, paper check, online upload or e-payments (when available by the state). We also take care of the generation of returns as well as filing for federal and state taxes. If your jurisdiction requires electronic filing, we can take care of that too.

Set-up Wizards

At ePayroll Express, we know that once you sign up for payroll processing services, you don’t want to wait weeks or months for the system to be set up and fully functional. Instead, you want to immediately walk away from payroll and tax processing duties with the confidence that your payroll company is fully prepared to step in and handle it with accuracy and speed. Our system has been developed to accommodate fast set up and quick data importation. If it’s easier, you can even use our system to import your own company information, allowing for amazing convenience in transferring data. When you import your data you can also select your pay codes, tax information, deduction codes, benefit data and more.

Time Entry

Whether your payroll and time tracking needs are simple or complex, ePayroll Express has a system that will work for you. You can choose from:

» Imported data: This allows you to track your employee working hours the same way you always have and submit the files to us for each pay period.

» SwipeClock services: Our SwipeClock timekeeping system allows for increased accuracy and ease of recording.

» Comprehensive payroll systems: If you have many employees and a more complex system of benefits and recording requirements, then our pay grid format offers you the flexibility and design features you need.

» After the fact (ATF): ePayroll Express can help you report and organize past payroll payments (including for YTD reporting) while also controlling those going forward.

Integrated HR

Payroll isn’t the only difficult and time consuming task facing business owners today. Human resources functions are also a drain on both energy and time. The ePayroll Express HR integration function allows you to track an unlimited number of benefit plans and providers, assets, education, skills and positions. Not only does our system make it easy to track and store this information, but it’s also simple to access when you need it.

The HR function acts as a vital link between benefits and necessary payroll deductions and employer contributions. Likewise, it can automate your benefit eligibility rules so that you know when your employees qualify for enrollment into the various programs you offer. You even have the option of tracking the training and certificates earned by your employees, giving you yet another way to easily determine when an associate qualifies for various incentives and promotions.

All Data, One Place

With ePayroll Express, all the data you need on your employees is located in one easy-to-access place, from W-4s to payroll hours, certificates earned to benefits eligibility. This makes personalized tracking and reporting both fast and easy.

Agency Management

A business owner may be required to make regular payments to many different agencies and firms for retirement contributions, worker’s compensation insurance and benefit programs. ePayroll Express automates your employees’ benefit payments and can transfer them automatically to companies such as:

» Insurelinx

» The Guard

» Online 401K


» Oppenheimer

» Great West

» Transamerica

ePayroll Express also calculates pay-as-you-go worker’s compensation premiums and exports relevant data to insurance providers. Should your employees have wages garnished or health insurance and other premiums withheld, we can manage and make those payments as well.


It is our goal to make your payroll processing easier, but we don’t stop there. We also work to increase accuracy and create an ease of accountability for business owners. To do this, we make a library of reports available for you to generate printed copies on demand. Reports can include data on:

» Pay history

» Tax reporting

» Deductions

» Benefits

» Paid time off (used and accrued)

» Cash management

Payroll Documentation

When an employee needs a copy of a previously generated pay stub for a physical payment or direct deposit, we can provide that as well as:

» Tax return copies

» W-2s

» Tax payment check copies


You shouldn’t have to wait to get your hands on the reports, data and statistics you need—and neither should your employees. Our self-service system allows both you and your employees to access a variety of reports, information, and forms. In addition, we make it easy for you to change or revise employee records so that your payroll and benefits remain up-to-date and accurate.

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