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At ePayroll Express, we think your brand is special. That’s why we offer complete back-office payroll solutions for almost any service organization including payroll bureaus, accounting firms, insurance agencies, ASO’s, franchisers, and associations.  Our unique software platform enables us to process payroll under your own brand in a seamless private label environment.

Our back office program is the fastest, easiest, most flexible, and most affordable program available in the U.S.  The entire set-up process typically takes less than a week.

How Does Back Office Payroll Work?

Every back office partner is unique.  We work with our partners to tailor a solution to meet their specific needs and goals.  The process begins with your brand and business information.  Once we have you set-up on our platform as a Payroll Bureau, its easy for us to process everything we do under your private label.  This includes checks, reports, accounts, deposits, and ACH transactions.

We’ll provide you with all the custom forms you need for your payroll business including service agreements, employer set-up forms, employee change forms, and more.

sourcingOur Back Office Payroll is More Flexible and Affordable Than Other BPO Firms

BPO Payroll Program Features:

• Full-service and online payroll processing

• Employer/Employee payroll portals

• Custom checks, forms, reports, and more

• Flexible billing options and pricing models

• 24/7 access to payroll data and history

• Access to our professional staff

• No software to buy- no long-term contracts

Custom Payroll Pricing Model

Our back office solution allows you to establish your own pricing model for your payroll business.  We’ll give you our low wholesale payroll rates and then you set your own pricing.

Our system automatically bills your service rates as we process payroll on your behalf.  We keep our wholesale split and forward the difference to you each month.

Call (800) 925-7701 today, or email us, to learn more about our back office payroll solutions.

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