Payroll Processing for Insurance Agencies

Combine Payroll Processing With Your Insurance Agency

The two largest payroll service providers have been slowly stealing your insurance clients for years.  Most payroll service providers now recognize they are sitting on a goldmine with their customers.  They already have most of the information to quote, audit, and service their customers’ insurance programs in a highly efficient manner.  Pay As You Go workers compensation is fast becoming the new way to buy coverage.

At ePayroll Express we take a different approach.  We don’t want to steal your clients.  We work with insurance agents and brokers throughout the U.S. to form strategic alliances designed to help protect and maintain your book of business.  We offer various programs to fit agency needs such as our referral program and back-office payroll.  Best of all, we have agency contracts that may help you access more insurance markets when needed.

Capture More Customers and Lock Out Competition

Cash is King.  And Pay As You Go workers comp has been the driving force for the recent success of many payroll service providers.  Smart insurance agents recognize the need to develop additional products and services to better serve the needs of their clients.  Call us today to find out how easy it is to integrate a payroll service with your agency.


increase_revenueHow Can A Payroll Provider Benefit My Agency

Agency Wholesale Markets

Our primary emphasis is to help agents win and keep more insurance clients.  For agents who have a ton of solutions they may not need a wholesale partner.  For those agents with fewer markets, we can help.

Our wholesale agency supports independent agents and brokers.  We help you access more markets for coverage and then share the commission revenue with you.

Ask about our wholesale agency partner program.

We Understand Insurance Agencies

We understand insurance agency needs because we were born out of necessity and founded by an insurance agency. Our payroll solutions were started in 2008 to better integrate payroll and insurance.
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