Payroll For Accountants

Payroll for Accountants – Affiliate or Back Office

Processing payroll is probably not the most exciting or profitable part of an accounting practice, but it is an area that many accounting customers need help.  Over the past few years many accounting professionals have made payroll processing part of their business practice in order to retain clients or increase revenue.

Traditionally, employers either managed their own payroll or they outsourced to their accountant.  However, Internet and web-based platforms have made it easier than ever for accounting professionals to assume a more consultative role in the payroll process.  This new value proposition frees accountants up to focus on their core competencies while still earning revenue and keeping a hand in the payroll process.

More Accounting Firms Outsource Payroll

We’ve been working with Accountants for several years now.  Many firms choose to outsource their clients to ePayroll Express while other prefer to establish their own brand with our back-office solutions.  Either way, we help accounting firms build a stronger, more profitable practice with our accounting payroll solutions.

increase_revenueAdd Payroll to Your Accounting Practice or Back Office

Solve More Client Problems

Our payroll solutions are designed to solve a lot more problems than just payroll and taxes.  We can help your clients with other problems such as Pay As You Go insurance, retirement plans, human resources, employee screening, and more.

Our accounting partners can virtually operate at a one-stop shop for all their customer needs.  You pick the products and we’ll deliver the services you want.

Lock in Your Accounting Clients

As an accounting partner, you will have access to all of your clients’ payroll information.  You can even login and view or download payroll reports for each of your customers.

We offer full-service and online payroll solutions to serve both high-touch and low-touch customers.

Payroll billing can be done by our bureau or it can be done by your firm.  We offer flexible solutions tailored to meet the needs of your practice.

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