SwipeClock Solution

swipeHaving the proper timekeeping procedure in place is an important aspect of providing your employees with accurate paychecks. To assist you with this process, we offer the SwipeClock solution. When you decide to utilize SwipeClock, you will be able to put away all of your old time cards or sheets in favor of a quick and easy process that makes it virtually impossible to make a payroll mistake.
SwipeClock does not require any special software or technical skills. In fact, all you need to do is plug it in and begin punching in and out. This timekeeping solution gives you three methods for recording each employee’s hours: they can clock themselves in and out with the swipe of a card, press of a button or online via your designated PC. All of their punches are tabulated on a daily basis, and you will be able to access each of your employees’ records on our website.

As an added bonus, SwipeClock can be engineered to meet your company’s security needs with the optional BioClock device. This enhanced timekeeping component will require all of your employees to use their thumb print in order to clock in and out. By using this process, you will be able to ensure that each time clock punch was entered by the appropriate person.

Using SwipeClock is an easy way to eliminate some of your expenses. After all, without an automated payroll process, you will need to spend time calculating each employee’s hours. However, with the SwipeClock system, everything will be taken care of for you, and it will be easy to transfer the necessary information to us so that we can complete the payroll process. Additionally, SwipeClock will enable you to reduce the risk of employee theft by making it difficult to record fraudulent hours, and BioClock can completely eliminate this potential issue.

If someone does make a mistake when they are punching in and out with SwipeClock, you will have the ability to edit their hours online. This process will only take less than a minute, and you can easily verify that everything went through by viewing the system’s online reports.

With ePayroll Express and SwipeClock on your side, you will no longer have to worry about dealing with the manual payroll process. The time and money that you will save by eliminating this procedure will make SwipeClock more than worth the initial investment.

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