Payroll Partner Program

Wanting to Start Your Own Payroll Business? We Want to Partner With You

If you’re like most sales people, you’ve probably seen numerous sales opportunities that over-promise and then under deliver. One of the real problems with a lot of sales jobs is the absence of residual income for the sales professional, and a lack of any need for the product or service.

At ePayroll Express, we’ve created a tremendous opportunity to create long-term wealth with a great service every employer needs. We’ve also managed to design a long-term residual commission structure that rewards payroll sales professionals for their efforts. Give us a call today, or complete our online form to learn more about a profession in payroll sales.

How Does It Work?

We make it simple! All you have to do is give your prospect a one-page brochure explaining the Payroll service and fill out a one-page application. Once you send us the verified application, your job is done. We handle all set up and conversion, answer all technical accounting questions, and provide ongoing customer service.

Best of all, you can make money for life or get paid the present value of your future income once the Client processes their first payroll.

What Are My Options As A Payroll Sales Representative?

Sell Our Brand and Set Your Own Rates

It’s easy to sell ePayroll Express with our Sales Affiliate model. Simply quote your payroll prospects using our ePayroll Express brand and our standard retail payroll service rates and receive a generous commission share.

Or create your own rates and payroll package pricing options to offer custom service solutions for your customers. We make it easier than ever to sell payroll services to business owners.

Sell Any Brand With Our Wholesale Rates

You choose either of our brands to sell, or use your own brand to offer payroll services. We’ll give you our wholesale back-office processing rates and you set the payroll pricing for your market and customer base.

What’s The Money Making Potential?

You can make up to a six figure income* the first year and you keep earning that while adding to more income the next year!

Special rates for CPA’s, EA’s, Bookkeepers and those who want to actively process their client’s payrolls on a daily basis.

*depending on your activity and experience.

Contact us to learn more about our wholesale payroll processing rates. The more customers you win, the more you lower your wholesale rates.

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