Business Consulting and Payroll Services

Business Consulting and Payroll Services

Business Consultants understand that many employers spend their valuable time trying to save a buck instead of trying to improve their bottom line.  Employers often hold onto to processing their own payroll because they either don’t realize how affordable it is to outsource, or they (or someone in their organization) are procrastinating more important tasks such as sales, management, or receivables.

We work with Business Consulting Services to help their clients understand how easy, affordable, and important it is to get their payroll outside of their house.

Payroll Services are More Than a Commodity These Days

Payroll services used to all be pretty much the same.  Turn in hours and get checks. But technology has advanced and good payroll service providers offer value adding features and benefits such as employee direct deposit, turn-key benefits, employee portals, employee screening, HR services, and Pay As You Go Workers compensation.

If you’re a Business Consultant, we want to work with you and your customers to improve the bottom line.  Call us today at 800-925-7701 to learn more.

puzzle_piecesHelp Your Consulting Customers Outsource Payroll Processing and Tax Administration

Choose Your Payroll Brand

Create your own unique payroll brand designed to compliment your current services with our back-office payroll solutions.  we’ll manage the processing and tax administration using your company name and logos.

Use our generic brand and link from your website for full-service or easy online payroll processing.

Start with our ePayroll Express brand and choose our affiliate program with our retail rates, or our wholesale program and create your own processing rates.

Why Partner With ePayroll Express?

We make it easy to get started with a national payroll service already awarded an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.  ePayroll Express has been in business since 2007 and currently processes payroll in 46 states across the country.

We’ll work with you to tailor a payroll program for each of your customer based on your model and needs analysis.
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