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Our Payroll Affiliate program is the perfect solution for individuals and companies who want to partner with a reputable payroll company and proven business.  Its easy to offer full-service and online payroll to employers with our turn-key pricing and service model from ePayroll Express Payroll.

Whether you’re looking for an ancillary product to compliment your current product or service, or you’re looking to start a new career and focus on Payroll Sales, we can help.  Our aim is to make you look great by providing top-quality payroll and tax services that align with your current business and sales strategies.

The Benefits of Being a Payroll Affiliate Partner

There’s nothing to think about when it comes to our Affiliate Partnerships.  It’s a turn-key payroll product with great service and set pricing on a national level.  Simply choose a brand between ePayroll Express and Payentry and start quoting and selling payroll.  We’ll be there every step of the way from product education, assistance with closing accounts, and ongoing processing and services.

Call (800)-925-7701 and get started building long-term residual revenue today with a friendly, fast growing, proven company.

Our Affiliate Programs Are Great For Accountants, Payroll Sales Reps and More.


Offer Payroll Services From ePayroll Express Payroll

It’s easy to sell ePayroll Express with our Affiliate model.  Simply refer payroll customers to us or quote our standard retail payroll service rates and receive a generous commission share:

You can make up to a six figure income* the first year and keep earning that income from the previous year, while adding more income the next year. All you need to do is indemnify the small or medium size business that needs our services and send us a one page application. We’ll do the rest!

*Depending on your activity and experience. Special rates for CPA’s EA’s Bookkeepers and those who want to directly process their client’s payrolls themselves.

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