Employee Screening


Pre-Employment Screening Options

The best way to ensure that your company will be staffed with reliable and honest employees is to run a comprehensive background search. We are partnered with the National Crime Search (NCS) to provide you with an easy and affordable way to select the best candidates.

With NCS, you will have access to several vital services:

• Verification of Social Security Numbers
• Sex Offender Search
• Multi-State Database Search
• Criminal History by County
• Criminal History by State
• Access to Motor Vehicle Records
• Screening for Volunteers
• Screening for Tenants
• I-9 maintenance / E Verify

More Information

Quick Screening

NCS is able to quickly sort through more than 507 million criminal records throughout the U.S. and Washington D.C., and you will have the option to select a custom screening package to fit your specific needs. By using NCS, you can protect yourself from any liability issues that are associated with hiring employees who have a history of theft, narcotics use, drunk driving and violent behavior. Contact us today to begin receiving the peace of mind that comes with running a background search on each of your potential employees.